Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Contradictions do not exist

I think, "Fear is a consequence of doubt. Doubt is in contradiction to purpose. And contradictions do not exist"

Very often, I hear people quote one-liners just as if it contains all the answers to a given problem. The problem is not in the one-liners, but the way people end up using them.

The people who can’t differentiate between rationality and irrationality are naïve, but those who try to rationalize the irrational end up making fool of themselves.

I shall try to list few such one-liners and the misuse there in:

Fortune favors the brave:
People often use this when somebody is reluctant to go ahead with something. Instead of analyzing the odds of it and deciding upon it, they say to themselves (and if unlucky, the guy next door reminds) "fortune favors the brave". Sure it does, if braveness is not in contradiction to rationality.

Take care of the means & the end will take care of itself:
Sure it does, if the means chosen are not in contradiction to the end desired.

This time its different:
Market people love this when they read this (in substance) in the newspaper. They feel vindicated. I shall like to explain the fallacy of this one using a one liner
"Appearance can be deceptive"

Better luck next time:
Only when somebody has done everything right this time and its only the odds, like a player in coin toss game, that s gone against him. But quite often this is not the case.

Believe in yourself:
Surely we all should believe in ourselves. But not when the belief is in contradiction to rationality.

God will look after you: (The most widely used)
If God is up there or not, nobody can answer. Even if He exists, He would certainly not look after somebody who’s means lead him to hell. He would, rather, drop him up to hell.

"Learn from your mistakes and you’ll end up being wiser, at the least" said somebody. But ever since people commit the same mistakes, only the form is changed substance remains the same. The reason, I think, behind this is that people end up trying to rationalize the irrational.


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Blogger arpitranka said...

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Blogger mickyfinn said...

Wonderful flow of much of clarity....these one liners were always like puzzle to me....and I used to think"why do one need these one liners if one is well aware of what she or he doing".....your explanation is simply superb .....wish you can gain more more popularity with this kind of amazing thoughts....

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